Riding Through the Jungle (single)

by Pizza!

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released September 13, 2011



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Pizza! Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Riding Through the Jungle
Riding through the jungle
Forty hours a day
Someone’s got an ankle
I will go

Is it wild? Hold it tight!
A pastor or a knave?
Standing on an embankment

Are we blind, are we on time?
Like there's anything left to save
We came from the swamp, yeah
Now we'll cut this record

Oh the sun is rising on the wrong side of town, partner
Better get that orbit checked before very long
Well the sun is rising but I wouldn’t get my hopes up
There’s a New Day Dawning but it sure won’t be ours…

It’s all pine cones
Track Name: Buttersaw
Every culture has a demise
Don’t look now, oh the prices, they’ll rise!
An ounce of custard, a barrel of crude
Wholesale shoppers yeah we’re talking to you!

He’ll get to the office, but what can he do?
Hands been tied by the mess we’ve been through
“A new American Century?” Give us a break.
An entire generation’s got nowhere to escape!

It’s a predicament, what do you know?
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
In a predicament, where can you go?
Oh Oh Oh

Every crisis comes to an end
Case in point: this conversation, my friend
We were never exceptional, we were never in charge
There’s no “City on a Hill” – it’s all gone!

It was a Buttersaw, it was a Buttersaw